Wealth Management Solutions

Hamilton Crawford's comprehensive wealth solutions

Hamilton Crawford's wealth management solutions incorporate a range of financial components that we believe are required for those with substantial wealth to transfer their success to future generations. We work closely with individuals and families to provide solution driven, fiduciary services based on the specific needs of each client and their loved ones.

Personal team of wealth experts

The Hamilton Crawford comprehensive wealth management service comes complete with a dedicated team of financial experts that are specifically assembled around the type and requirements of your tailored wealth structure.

The dedicated team is led by a Senior Relationship Manager who is responsible for the collective management of each individual component of your wealth solution.

Other team members are assigned according to their specific field of expertise, whether that be tax planning, investment management or trust incorporation. The benefits of consolidating each aspect of the wealth solution into a single efficient plan are the interdependent value-driven results that are created by merging one financial discipline with another.

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