Multi-jurisdictional Tax Planning

Tax efficient investment management

In addition to improving your financial position through an efficiently managed investment plan, Hamilton Crawford helps you ensure that your tax liabilities are kept to an absolute minimum.

Our tax-sensitive approach to the management of your finances integrates all aspects of your financial world as we work closely with you and your existing financial advisory professionals to minimize the impact taxes have on your wealth.

Inheritance tax planning

Whilst mitigating your tax obligations as you travel through the course of life, Hamilton Crawford provides prudent tax planning solutions to benefit your heirs as you prepare to transfer wealth to your loved ones.

In this instance, the process of inheritance distribution often begins before the time of passing, dramatically improving financial value for the beneficiaries of your wealth whilst being able to witness the joy of giving.

Multi-jurisdictional tax advice

Educating clients on the benefits of creating tax efficient structures outside that of their residential domain often results in a shift in focus towards offshore financial planning. Understanding that tax laws are different from one jurisdiction to the next can help you plan more effectively as you seek to preserve the value of accumulated wealth.

Hamilton Crawford's professional network of accountants and tax attorneys is able to develop financial structures to suit client specific needs. Our network presence is most prominent in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore - Asia's most stable and secure banking jurisdictions.

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