Dedicated Investment Management

Navigating market complexities

Under the current economic climate investors are faced with increasingly complex decisions on where best to position assets in order to generate and preserve the value of their wealth. Hamilton Crawford's discretionary investment management solutions are designed to help relieve you of the complexities involved in successfully managing a globally diversified investment portfolio.

Under consideration of your unique investment profile, your dedicated Hamilton Crawford investment manager will take on the responsibility of managing your investment affairs as you continue to focus on the other aspects of your professional and personal life, knowing that your investment capital is hard at work under the stewardship of experts.

Your dedicated investment manager

From the outset you will be guided through the stages of investment from the formation of your unique investment profile, to the allocation of assets, to the management process that involves a frequency of reporting convenient to you. As a Hamilton Crawford client you are entitled to direct and unrestricted access to a dedicated investment manager who is responsible for communicating performance, maintaining adequate balance in line with your objectives and for providing recommendations in order to improve portfolio efficiency.

Your unique investment profile

At Hamilton Crawford we believe that client satisfaction results from delivering consistent investment performance that meet expectations, conveniently delivered through best-in-class client service standards.

To achieve our goals we must begin by understanding what you, as our client, expect to achieve from investing with us. We assess your current financial capabilities and combine them with your life aspirations before delivering a profile that highlights your investment preferences and tolerance towards risk.

Your investment manager will use this profile as the foundation to all decisions made on your behalf as your portfolio develops towards realizing your goals.

Portfolio allocation strategies

Once a firm understanding of your investment preferences is established, your dedicated investment manager will begin to plan a series of asset allocation strategies, each based on the information contained within your unique investment profile. Individual strategies are presented to you with detailed commentary to provide explanation of a level of performance that you can expect to achieve.

By presenting a number of strategies we help you to create a clear vision of your financial future as you work towards milestones that mature at different stages of your life cycle. Experience has taught us that by creating a vision of the future client satisfaction is maintained as milestone expectations are met.

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