Hamilton Crawford Equity Solutions

Global equity investment solutions

Hamilton Crawford's equity solutions are globally focused in order to capture broad gains throughout a number of key performing developed and emerging jurisdictions.

Our premium platform of equity investments are in the main exposed to the more stable geographies of Europe, North America and Asia, with secondary placements occurring through the Oceanic region and promising emerging markets. Our global equity strategies are limited to companies whose stocks are registered and regulated by stock exchanges and to businesses nearing the stage of public listing.

Global-macro exposure

In pursuit of spreading equity placements across sectors and geographies for the benefits of diversification, we present clients with exposure to global-macro strategies through a composition grouping that remains within the confines of client specific risk variables.

Assets are selected based on fundamental analysis that seeks to identify an acquisition price that we consider to be undervalued to the market. Through this disciplined approach clients are shielded from short-term volatility as the discount to value provides an additional margin to account for fluctuation. Long-term however, clients are exposed to price increases as the position increases towards its true value and beyond.

Equity selection policy

Our equity investment selection policy seeks to identify high quality business that display fundamental attributes of sustaining dominant market positions, operating in sectors that have high entry barriers and where future pricing power is relatively predictable.

We look towards the ability of management to execute strategy and to how effectively they have historically been able to convert debt into profits.

A respect towards shareholders, in so far as dividend policy, is also used as an indicator of management's responsibility to maintaining positive corporate relations. A metric that we believe promotes sustainable investor confidence for the long-term.

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