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Wealth managed to suit your needs

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and each requires unique financial planning needs. Like our existing clientele, your financial needs are dependent upon your circumstances, calling for an individual approach to the way we structure each strategy.

Helping you succeed at every life stage

Here at Hamilton Crawford we are proud and pleased to provide clients with professional, bespoke financial guidance as we work closely together towards developing wealth management solutions to compliment your position in life. As such, we partner with clients to guide them through the significant stages of life as they prepare for professional transitions, the purchase of a first home, the management of inheritance and, together with other life events, the development of retirement plans.

Hamilton Crawford continues to help clients connect important events of the life cycle as we believe that adequate planning improves the efficiency of wealth. We help you to realize life objectives as we strive to become your trusted adviser of choice as together we develop long-lasting relationships to support your investment, insurance and tax planning solutions.

Who we serve

  • Retired individuals: During the stages of retirement, individuals often continue to seek ways that will enable them to generate additional revenue to complement their existing retirement capital. Hamilton Crawford continues to develop and manage retirement fund strategies providing clients with comfort in the knowledge that they can maintain a worry-free, lifestyle of choice.
  • Preparing for retirement: As a lifetime of wealth is accumulated, Hamilton Crawford works towards preserving its value while assisting you to maintain the lifestyle you have become accustomed to. Planning for daily spending requirements as well as for more capital intensive goals will help you to visualize a lifestyle of comfort during your retirement years.
  • Families and couples: Often still at the stage where wealth generation is still the priority, Hamilton Crawford helps families and couples to plan for a more prosperous future. We provide avenues that promote the generation of wealth whilst preparing for cost expectations such as children's education fees, marriage and the purchase of a second home.
  • Corporate executives: Hamilton Crawford provides tax efficient solutions to help the corporate executive maximize his or her benefits, such as stock options and the deferral of compensation.
  • Young professionals: The best time to start planning for your future is today. Sound financial planning utilizes the benefit of time to maximize wealth accumulation whilst minimizing sacrifice in the present. Helping your professionals to manage their cash flow effectively compounds the generation of wealth resulting in financial security during the earlier stages of life.
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