Hamilton Crawford - Client Experience

Your expectations of us

At Hamilton Crawford we stop at nothing to ensure that the client experience exceeds both the professional and personal expectations you have of us. From a personal perspective, our team is dedicated to the development of longstanding relationships built on honesty, transparency and by consistently delivering upon our promises.

In turn, we understand that these attributes forming the foundations of a successful client-adviser relationship are only earned through our ability to deliver a sustained level of financial management performance.

Our success is your success

To achieve our goals, we go to great lengths to develop an in-depth understanding of you, your circumstances and of where you aspire to be in the future. Only when we have established a series of goals are we able to strategize accordingly as we seek to combine the elements of your unique investment profile into a financial plan that is relevant to your specific capabilities and requirements.

However different the circumstances of each client may be, our process remains consistent as we work towards developing relationships through the initial stages.

Understanding you, your circumstances and your vision

We develop a unique investment profile by assessing your current circumstances, personal goals, expected income flows and your tolerance towards risk. We package this information together to form a foundation that will guide our decisions as we pursue objectives in line with your specific preferences.

Strategic design and recommendation

Under consideration of your unique investment profile we begin to map out a series of plans that each creates a vision of the future as we balance future life events with present capital requirements. Experience has shown us that by providing clients with a number of strategies instead of limiting their choice, they remain in charge of their own destiny and maintain absolute control of strategic direction.

Implementing your choice

After a careful analysis of what you can expect the future to hold, we begin to execute your chosen strategy through a diligent research process that utilizes the extensive resources available to us. At this stage we identify specific asset classes and distribute capital accordingly to optimize balance and sustain performance.

Monitor, manage and maintain

As your financial plan is put into action, we continue to monitor performance relative to your objectives whilst forecasting market variables that may alter direction. Where necessary, we will make adjustments to the balance and allocation of assets to ensure that your strategy remains on course.

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