Investment Alternatives

Liquid alternatives

Alternative forms of investment are those that seek to deliver uncorrelated sources of return other than those more frequently termed as traditional investments such as equities, bonds and cash. As markets have become less predictable, investor strategies seek further diversification through investment classes that are negatively correlated to traditional assets classes and are therefore unaffected by the same market conditions.

Flexible trading philosophy

The nature of alternative investment strategy dictates that management is proactive to encourage asset flexibility that encourages long/short trading positions. Specifically in the case of equity-driven alternative assets, management will look to capitalize on market inefficiencies and therefore demand that assets can be moved rapidly to maximize exposure.

In the same manner, capital positions must maintain attributes of liquidity to enable a shift in strategy, whether moving towards attractive opportunities or away from emerging threats.

Hedged alternative solutions

Hamilton Crawford's hedged alternative solutions focus on equity-driven returns with exposure to a variety of markets and volatility profiles. Proactive management of long/short positions draws upon Hamilton Crawford's hedged equity expertise across markets, sectors and investment style disciplines.

Fixed income focus

Hamilton Crawford's fixed income alternative investment focus targets macro-driven insights based on the relative-value of credit and debt. With this approach, managers are able to provide investors with attractive returns from an asset class that is typically low-yielding.

Alternative investment strategies

Incorporating investments alternative to those categorized as 'traditional' as part of a diversified portfolio provides investors with more scope to deliver returns whilst improving the benefits of diversification.

Hamilton Crawford's capabilities seek to identify assets that have little or no correlation to other classes within the existing portfolio structure. Examples of which may include commodities, infrastructure and tactical positions emerging from fragmented markets.

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